Latest News

Funding received to establish Emmy-Noether junior research group at TU Dresden (Germany)

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CP2K and FHI-aims

Learn more about the CP2K and FHI-aims project and my contributions to both.

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Funding and Running Projects

I have received research funding from the Swiss national science foundation and currently by the Academy of Finland.

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About Me

I am  a computational chemist with focus on development of electronic structure methods for supercomputing platforms. I studied chemistry at the University of Leipzig before moving to Switzerland. I graduated from the University of Zurich with a PhD in theoretical chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Jürg Hutter. In November 2016, I came to Helsinki to join the group of Prof. Patrick Rinke at the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University, funded by an SNF Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship. In September 2018, I received a Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship from the Academy of Finland to pursue my own research plans. I recently obtained funding from the German Research Foundation within the Emmy-Noether program to start a junior research group at TU Dresden.

I am a developer of the electronic structure packages CP2K and  FHI-aims. My implementations in CP2K include the development of QM/MM methods for surface systems as well as the performance enhancement of the DFT part using a local resolution-of-the-identity approximation. In FHI-aims, I am currently working on GW methods.